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Flag and Flagpole sales in Van Buren, Ohio

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Flag City Flagpoles & Flags Providing the Finest Flag Products

We have available all standard size US flags up to 10ft x 15ft. And we can order larger size US flags. We will provide exceptional service to help you find and fly a fantastic flag. This includes various types of flagpoles and flagpole sets that we sell and install. We accept all major credit cards, including cash and check. For more information, contact us by phone at (419) 299-3616, (419) 421-7740, or by email at [email protected].

We Set Up and Install Flagpoles for Van Buren, Ohio

We also offer set up and installation of high-quality inground flagpoles of various styles for Van Buren-area customers. The most flawless flag flies better on the proper flagpole. Our flagpoles are made in the USA and have warranties. We offer: 

One-piece flagpoles with rope and pully system.

Telescoping flagpoles are a relatively inexpensive option compared to the one-piece flagpole style. Telescoping flagpoles are unique because they do not contain any ropes or a pulley system. Raise and lower each section by clicking them into place via a push button. 

Our quality selection and service makes Flag City Flagpoles & Flags your ultimate one-stop-shop in the area for flag products. 

High-Quality Military Flags of All Branches

We offer flags for each branch of military service. Choose from Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and POW-MIA. Call or email us for a complete listing of available military banners.

Fly Your Team’s Colors Proudly

Sports fans show support for their teams in numerous ways. Flags are amongst the most common tools fans use to display their loyalty. Flag City Flagpoles & Flags offers a regional selection of quality sports flags for your favorite teams. Fly their colors proudly on your porch or at your next tailgate.

Find Quality International Flags in Van Buren, Ohio

Choose from our selection of international flags to honor the heritage of your family, business, or a country you admire. Check out Flag City Flagpoles & Flags’ large assortment of over 170 international flags. 

State Flags for Your Home, Business, and More

We have everything you need to display individual state flags or all 50 states flags. No matter what you are looking for, we got you covered. 

State flags are often flown to feature someone’s business, birthplace, or the state of their favorite sports team or group. At Flag City Flagpoles & Flags, our state flags contain the highest quality materials. Be proud of where you live by flying your favorite state flag from our selection. 

High-Quality Religious Flags in Findlay, Ohio

We also offer various religious flags for churches, synagogues, chapels, and more throughout Findlay, Ohio, and surrounding areas. Are you looking for indoor or outdoor flag sets or a worship banner to represent your religion? We will be happy to help find the perfect addition for your home, office, porch, or personal flagpole. 



We Serve Local Communities in Ohio

Customers turn to Flag City Flagpoles & Flags for their flag purchases throughout the Northwestern Ohio area. 

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Set up and Installation of Flags, Poles, and Sets

We at Flag City Flagpoles & Flags have the experience you need to assemble and install flagpoles in the proper position for display. Call or email us today to set up an appointment. We will be glad to help you with flag and flagpole sales and flagpole installation of our products.